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Clients Say

"Her background as an artist really shows up in her work as a stylist" - Hilary O.

"I get many compliments from other people with curly hair." - Marlene J.

"I was returning from Italy.  One of the flight attendants told me I was voted "best haircut on the flight" - Natalie D.

" Maddy helped me grow out my one process color.  She was able to help blend the dreaded 'skunk' line. Now I have beautiful lolites and don't even have to come as often."-Janet R.

"Maddy cuts my layered bob with the razor - it's awesome.  It takes weight out and gives it an edgy look" - Michelle S.

"She knows exactly what to do to create a fun, funky cut that truly suits my sense of style. Throw in her sense of humor, and adventurous, warm spirit, and the entire experience is a real treat" -Suzanne H.

"Thank you for helping me age gracefully"-Joan B.

"We were on vacation in Anguilla when who should walk in but PAUL McCARTNEY!  He was seated next to us and we were talking! THANK GOD MY HAIR LOOKED GREAT! -Ellen B.

"Thanks so much for keeping me as 'hip' as possible and from looking too much like the suburban mom I am" - Francine R

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